Frequently Asked Questions

What is 8th Wall XR?

8th Wall XR is a developer platform that makes it simple to develop mobile Augmented Reality applications in a matter of minutes, and then deploy them everywhere. Create an app with 8th Wall XR once and it will automatically work across any commonly available iOS or Android phone.

What devices can I build for?

8th Wall XR supports most iOS and Android devices. Check out our compatibility matrix in our documentation for more information.

Is 8th Wall XR free?

Yes, 8th Wall XR for Unity is free for personal and commerical use with no watermarks.

Okay.. then how does 8th Wall make money?

We are hard at work to bring new computer vision technology, cloud services, and platforms as future paid offerings. We also offer custom integrations of 8th Wall SLAM for software and hardware partners. Reach out to us here if you are interested in these custom solutions.

What is 8th Wall SLAM?

8th Wall SLAM is our proprietary computer vision tracker that automatically kicks in if you are not using ARKit or ARCore. 8th Wall SLAM is highly-optimized 6DoF camera tracking and instant world tracking that enables you to build full AR experiences compatible with close to 3 billion iOS and Android devices- not just the limited subset that support ARKit or ARCore.

Can 8th Wall XR support vertical surfaces?

Yes, 8th Wall XR can precisely detect vertical surfaces to allow for accurate tracking and object placement for devices with ARKit 1.5+ or ARCore.

Does 8th Wall XR support Image Detection and Trigger Images?

Yes, with 8th Wall XR you can now specify image targets for users to detect and interact with for a unique AR experience. This is currently supported for devices with ARKit 1.5+ or ARCore.

What is XR Remote?

XR Remote is an app that allows you to instantly test your AR application on your mobile device, by connecting to WiFi or USB. This is a great way to preview your app before you build it out. Download the free app on the App Store or Google Play.

What is the glTF Viewer?

The glTF Viewer is an application that allows you to share and view 3D files directly in your environment. Download the free app on the App Store or Google Play.

Still have questions?

Our friendly team is here to help. Feel free to contact us directly or reach out to the community to get answers.